The Story of Heart By Heart

The story of Heart By Heart must begin with the formation and success of the band Heart from the early 1970s to the early 1980s.   Co-founding member and bassist Steve Fossen, together with drummer Mike Derosier and the rest of the group, wrote and performed hits such as Magic Man, Barracuda and Crazy On You.  They continued performing for millions of fans across the globe until the lineup’s eventual disbandment in 1982.
Fast-forward to 2008 when Steve Fossen met vocalist Somar Macek.  Romance stirred and the two began playing Heart songs together; bass and vocals, side by side, heart by heart.  Blatant talent coupled with an extensive inventory of songs made forming the new band an easy and exciting decision.
Like Steve, Mike Derosier had turned down many previous opportunities to perform Heart songs with a new band.  He agreed, however, to join his former bandmate in Heart By Heart on the condition that it was ‘done right’.  And done right it was…
Seattle guitar legend Randy Hansen joined the group, bringing his Hendrix-esque showmanship and skill to the stage.  The band, sometimes joined by various other Seattle musicians, played local fairs, gigs and small events to much acclaim.
When Heart (including Steve and Mike) was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, Heart By Heart was fast-becoming a Seattle success story of its own.
Multi-instrumentalist Lizzy Daymont joined the band as a guitar player and backup vocalist.  The value of bringing another talented female to the group was immediately apparent.  Additionally, Bob Rivers – veteran radio talk-show host and certified-gold recording artist – rounded out Heart By Heart’s sound with the implementation of keyboards.
Today, Heart By Heart plays shows all over the Pacific Northwest.  From fairs and festivals to casino ballrooms, corporate events and more, fans delight in hearing their favorite ’70s and ’80s Heart tunes performed just as they remember them.
As for the future of Heart By Heart, the band plans to go on tour in 2015.