Bob Rivers retires – Again?!!

We are sad to announce the departure of Bob Rivers from the band. From Bob himself:

"After 25 years of pure joy as part of Seattle Radio’s best team, I bid adieu back in August 2014 to pursue a dream. Playing music with Heart By Heart and Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame legends Steve Fossen and Mike Derosier. It’s been an amazing ride to watch these guys create a Heart spinoff that can tour nationally and beyond. Somar Macek and Lizzy Daymont, along with Randy Hansen are now blowing audiences away from the West Coast to standing ovations in Baltimore and Atlantic City. Road trips with these guys have been a wonder and a privilege. They are now getting the recognition feeling the audience’s passion for the music they recorded during HEART’s prime Rock and Roll years.

After 2 ½ years it’s time for me to say thanks and enter a new quieter part of my journey.

For 42 years of radio, and now 12 years of live music with Spike and the Impalers and Heart By Heart, I’ve blasted my ears with reckless abandon. I didn’t really want to share this, but my latest Audiology test from Highline Hearing was a wakeup call. If I keep playing live it will cause me to lose the remaining tread left on my bald tires.

So Kids, no matter what they say in Spinal Tap, do not turn it up to “11”. And if you have trouble hearing and you think people are mumbling all the time, and they aren’t making the print on labels as big as they used to, you probably need reading glasses and a hearing test. Sucks but that’s life.

My biggest thank you to a few people in particular, to Jeff Kathan, who said “you have to be in the band (Spike and the Impalers) because your name is on the show. We will teach you to play”. Without Jeff I never would have played music, or gotten to be the best man at his wedding; and to Steve Fossen, who made the completely illogical move to let me learn the parts and stand up there with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and pro musicians.

I've also tagged many of you who've encouraged me and been true friends.

The real person who doesn’t get enough credit is the love of my life; Lisa. No matter how nutty or all-consuming my dreams and hobbies have been, she’s always let me follow my passion. Now I will actually retire (instead of working twice as hard) and the theme will be “Quiet”. Hiking, Bees, Teaching, and most important, Family. And Lisa and I will talk, and have tea, and maybe see a little of the countryside."

Heart By Heart would like to thank Bob for all the dedication, time and energy he has put into the band. Safe journey to you, we will miss you!