"Heart by Heart plays all the band's classic hits - with some adventurous deep cuts - they way they were recorded and meant to be heard. Somar's voice soars, Chad and Lizzy's dual guitars are fiery, and anchoring it all is Heart's original rhythm section: Steve Fossen and Michael Derosier. The band puts on a great, high-energy rock show, kicking it out with their own stamp on the tunes."

-Bob Ruggiero, Houston Press
www.ClassicRockBob.com | Houston, TX

"On Friday, Oct. 8, 2021 my venue, the Givens Performing Arts Center hosted the incredibly talented Heart By Heart on our stage.
Don’t be confused – this is not a tribute, it’s a celebration of the timeless hits of Heart, complete with two of the original band’s founding members, Steve Fossen and Michael Derosier.
Rounding out the lineup are guitarist Chad Quist, guitarist, keyboardist and backup vocalist Lizzy Daymont, and the powerful vocals of lead singer Somar Macek. Not to disappoint, the band’s 90 minute show covers all of Heart’s classic hits, performed with intensely detailed attention and precise execution. Daymont and Quist perform harmony and dueling solos that are so exact you’ll swear the record is playing. Steve Fossen and Michael Derosier are the true “magic men,” laying down a rhythm section that sits in the groove and delivers a high energy sonic assault. Somar Macek’s vocals give proper justice to Ann Wilson’s songs, performing the songs with integrity and profound authenticity. Michael Derosier is one of the most underrated drummers in rock history. His drum solo was simply amazing. As a presenter, I enjoy tributes that offer audiences something they can’t get anywhere else, and such is the case with Heart by Heart. Seeing that Ann and Nancy Wilson aren’t touring as much these days, Heart by Heart gives generations of fans, new and old, an experience like no other."

- James M. Bass, Ed.D., Executive Director
Givens Performing Arts Center, Pembroke NC

"...I’ve mixed quite a few national acts in my 22 year career but I absolutely enjoyed your show the most. What a great performance! What great music! FOH sounded awesome. Working with everyone in the band was such a pleasure. I can’t say that about a lot of shows that come through here."

- Steve Windsor, FOH Engineer
Newberry Opera House, Newberry SC

"We really enjoyed meeting all of you and having you here at Miller Theatre.  5,000 in the audience on Friday to enjoy your wonderful performance!" 

- Cissy Segall Davis
Miller Outdoor Theatre, Houston, TX

"The show was great! We loved Heart By Heart’s performance — it was top notch. We had 5700 guests in our grandstand and had an overwhelmingly successful event. You’ve been so great to work with. Thank you." 
- Cari Dixon 
Executive Department Manager 
Washington State Fair

 "I have put on hundreds of shows over the years from large venues, when I worked for I-Heart to small dive bars (my favorite) and your showmanship and musicianship is some of the best I have ever seen.  I really enjoyed your show. I look forward to bringing you back.  Thank you for a fun night and a great show."

- Scott J. Lindahl
Astoria Theater, Astoria OR

"This band ROCKS! Anyone that has an opportunity to see them definitely should. I wish they would come back to Arizona. They put on the best show that I've seen in decades."

- Steve Miller

"Tonight, I had the very special privilege of mixing for Heart by Heart, and I have to say that I was totally bowled over by them. There were many songs that brought tears to my eyes, and it was my privilege to help them recreate those hits of yesteryear… It reminded me of the days when my stereo was entirely too loud. This was even better! OMG!"

- Rick Chinn, FOH Engineer
Bake's Place, Bellveue WA

"WOW!!! I grew up on Heart and cannot believe what you have put together. it has completely reinvigorated my love for the band and their music. What a gift! All the band members were amazing. Thanks!"

- Scott S. Riegel

"I honestly LOVE Somar way better. Her voice is like Magic, you get goosebumps and chills of excitement after hearing the first time. ... No Price is too much for this band. They all just fit together like a puzzle. Everyone in this band is AWESOME."

- Adana Ross Sleeper

"I've seen this band Heart By Heart twice now and they are a killer act! Not just another "tribute" act which seems to be the rage these days because a lot of the bands got old or died or just quit touring - but these people not only are comprised of members of the original HEART group from Seattle with drummer Michael Derosier and bassist Steve Fossen, but they are as bands happen to go, some of the most worthy replacements in the history of modern Rock and Roll. You will never be disappointed by their show, you will marvel at the way they took something really good and made it great, like the type of evolution which happened to the Jefferson Airplane when they became Starship, or how Paul McCartney re-invented himself when the Beatles were all done and he created Wings. This is a band which holds to the roots of the great band from the Emerald City - but because of the innovative guitar works of Lizzy Daymont and Randy Hansen and Lizzy's fabulous synthesizer playing the band takes the original Heart into the twenty-first century with the music foundation as Somar Macek sings her range onto the upper stratosphere!"

- Bruce J Maier

"Stumbled into North Bend Washington yesterday to get gas and a sub. That big hill to the North drew me through town and the next thing I knew, there's a block party going on. I was surprised to see two grandstands set up and ended up seeing 5-acts altogether. They threw the banner up for the last act which I couldn't really read. I knew it said Heart, something, Heart. I was thrilled, thinking the last show was a Heart Tribute Band. I couldn't freaking believe it when they finally hit the stage announcing original band members Steve Fossen and Michael Derosier. I've got their RRHOF Induction Ceremony on my YouTube Playlist and have watched it several times.

Fifth row-center seats seeing Charlie Daniels a half mile from my home in Penn Yan, NY 20-something years ago just took second place among my all-time favorite shows."

-Tom Brady



(quotes used by permission)