Read the story of Heart

Heart fans know that the story of the band Heart is a love story, a story of art and passion, of losing and finding your way. It’s the story of amazing talent coming together and breaking new ground with a unique sound. Its the story of the breakup of that original group, an amazing comeback, and a second generation of hits and even greater success. It’s also the story of women succeeding in a mostly male genre. Ann and Nancy Wilson are the stars of that story, and they are amongst the greatest rockers of 2 generations.

After selling millions of albums and 7 years recording and touring during Heart’s Classic Rock heyday, the band came to a parting of the ways with much of its original lineup. It’s a long tale, full of classic rock and roll stories and personal struggles and growth. Much of the story is well told in the Charles R Cross Heart biography “Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll”.

That story is still going on.

Heart with Ann and Nancy have toured and evolved over the years with many great players and with much success. Ever wonder what happened to the guys who were also Rock Stars? They continue to Rock, of course.
Around 1990 Steve Fossen and Mike Derosier, together with Heart lead guitarist Roger Fisher played in Alias, their album went gold and the hit “More Than Words Can Say” was a #1 single in Canada and #2 in the US. The band toured with REO Speedwagon, and appeared twice on the Tonight Show, once with Johnny Carson and once with Jay Leno. Roger Fisher just this year released a solo album with plans to tour his original material. Howard Leese, who played with Heart the longest (for 22 years), now tours with Paul Rodgers and Bad Company and is currently performing with Raiding the Rock Vault in Las Vegas.